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Michael Brown - Crappie rig & Worms

Jackie Rosenbaum

Lisa Daugherty

Isabellah Daugherty

Bob Dehner


Miya Noecker

Zander Hardy caught this 17" Lg mouth bass July 8th on Lake Yankton while fishing with his grandpa Mark. They were using worms and a crappie rig.

Mark Farris of Sioux Falls caught May 17th at the bubble using crappie rig with crawlers

Ethan Hochstein of Wynot, Nebraska, caught this 3.2-ounce, 17-inch master angler Smallmouth Bass on May 8 at Lake Yankton.

Riley Tramp - Caught off the wall Sunday Feb 3rd. Caught on Captain Norm's fat head minnows

Andy Pfister of Rapid City, SD caught Oct 23rd, 45 ½ pounds 47 ½ inches

Curtis Padwill of Rapid City, SD caught Oct 1st, 98 pounds 52 ½ inches

Bryan Bittner of Niobrara, NE caught Oct 1st, 45 pounds 50"

Don Bottolfson Of Yankton caught oct 7th 52# 45 ½ inches

Tim Kortan of Yankton Caught 10-17 54 pounds 46"

Dave Sedivy Caught 10-16 67.25 pounds 51 ½ inches

Bob Bittner of Niobrara, NE caught Oct 1st 45 pounds 50"

Jerome Carda Lead, SD. Caught oct 11th 50 pounds 47"

Sonya Weinrich of Grand Island, NE caught Oct 1st 67 pounds 47 ¼"

Mark Johnson of Crofton Caught Oct 9th 47 pounds 47"

Topher Cisar caught Oct 20th 76 pounds 48.75 inches

John Wulf. Meadow Grove NE. Caught this Paddlefish, it weighed 65lbs & was 48 inches long. Caught today 10-21 off the rocks. I will bring the others in today

Wally Brown caught this walleye Saturday on Lewis & Clark Lake.

Brody Simonsen and his family caught these walleyes on Saturday.

Darwin Koerner/Sherry caught these walleyes and perch using jigs tipped with leeches and night crawlers.

Nice catch of catfish by Brodie Simonsen and Sam Hack.

Roman Wollman and Brody Simonsen

Darwin Koerner caught this 1-1/4 pound"bull" gill using a jig and leech.

Jack Noecker caught this spawning bluegill off a dock.

Darwin Koerner and Sherry Daugherty caught their limit of walleyes jigging with leeches. The jumbo perch was caught with a crawler.

Jacko Noecker "the catfish king" caught His limit of channel catfish on his 8th Birthday Saturday June 6th. He used Crappie rigs and minnows. Happy Birthday Jacko! NB Guide Service.

Miya and Jacko Noecker caught their limit of Crappie and 1 walleye. On May 31st. They were using leeches for bait. Brought to you by Luv 2 Fish!

Jacko Noecker

Miya Noecker

"GIRLS FISH TOO!" Marisa Byrkeland and Brynn Simonsen caught these nice walleyes.

Kevin mckee caught these nice perch ice fishing.

Kevin Mckee caught these nice crappies on Lake Thompson.